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This site is dedicated to Ford Light trucks. A review of Tony Matteliano's Scale model index, shows there is no web page for Model pickup truck builders. So this site is devoted to Ford pickup trucks with a few Chevy's thrown in for reference.

Scale Model Index

Ford started building the famous pickup truck back in the day of the Model T. It is alledged that Ford responded to farmers who had modified the basic Coup by adding a box in the back behid the driver. The first pickup recognizable as such first appeared in 1917 wih an open roadster passenger compartment.

There have been a number of pickup truck kits depicting Fords over the years. Some of course are out of production, but we will try to list as many as we can find referenc to.

In other parts of this site, we will try to suggest tips amd construction methods that will help the builder produce their best model.

Whlle my intention is portray stock trucks as historcally accurate as I can, I welcome other jpg, gifs or tffs of your projects. Got some ideas, let me know at

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The 1997 model year was one of inovation in styling for the Ford truck. The look and style changed from the tradionan box of 80' to a look that was curving and exciting. Ford introduced the third door on the passenger side for the extended cab truck. The truck in the image is the Lindberg 97 XLT model stripped to take on the look of the basic fleet service vehicle. The lower trim was removed and Humborl gun metal applied the normally chrome grille. Note the Federal license plates.



This site is currently under construction to add new images and content related to building Ford pickups.


Lindberg 34 3 in 1 Kit. the door has been opened to show the interior, A fairly easy task given the straight lines of the the door.

Another View


From above. It should be noted that the original 34 Ford had a metal bed liner covering the usual wood. I found this out after I had the bed painted. :-(


The Standard Catalog of American Light Duty Trucks 2nd edition, John A Gunnell Editor. Kraurse Publications,1993